How I lost 7 lbs in 7 days

March 2nd, 2011 by Ricky

A lot of my friends, relatives, even some of my family members have been suffering from weight issues for a long time. Excess weight seems to have become part of their identity. Instead of saying “I have 10lbs of excess weight on me”, they say “I’m fat!” And most of them had started believing that it was impossible to lose any weight, and they were doomed to live over-weight forever!

Problem is not with the weight but with the way it affects their day to day life. Their self-esteem suffers and they don’t feel attractive anymore. Instead of buying the clothes that they like, they’re buying the ones that “don’t make them look fat!” They don’t even like being photographed anymore. And these are really attractive and beautiful people!

It’s not their fault entirely! They had tried at various points in their lives to incorporate so called healthy eating and exercising but either did not lose any weight or their diets were too unsustainable and exercise programs too demanding that they eventually gave up. Also, if people don’t notice a difference right away it’s hard to maintain the motivation to continue.

My weight had been quite stable for the past few years. I didn’t really need to lose weight. But for the sake of experimenting, and perhaps come up with some answers on how to lose weight quickly without so much exercise and fad diets, I decided to give it a shot.

Slow Carb diet

I’ve heard about slow carb diet, popularized by Tim Ferriss. A lot of people were raving about it and even more were saying how it could never work.

So, I decided to find out for myself.

Within the first 3 days I had lost 5 lbs already. Since I was losing weight quite fast, I started eating my regular foods for dinner for the next few days (and just kept breakfast and lunch as slow carb meals) but I still ended up losing another 2 lbs.

All of this with zero exercise, not even walking!

I took notes of my energy levels and of everything I ate or drank during that time and even for the few weeks following the initial time.

I noticed my energy was quite consistent throughout the day. I did not have ups or downs in my energy level like I normally would. That was the best part of this diet.

I used to wear medium clothes and now even the small sizes were fitting quite comfortably and nicely on me. Even the last hole on my belt seemed to be quite comfortable.

All my clothes got looser on me!

But, my family was quite upset with me for losing weight so they insisted that I immediately put a stop to my experiment and start gaining the weight back, as it was quite noticeable!

That was almost a month and a half ago and I still haven’t been able to gain any weight back. I think it’s probably due to the fact that I kept my breakfast and lunch slow carb.

I found the slow carb breakfast and lunch meals very convenient to make and quite delicious. That’s why I just made them part of my regular diet.

I still eat whatever I feel like for dinner. Candies, chips, fast food, any other junk food and so on but my weight has remained the same. Weird!

Anyways here’s basically what it’s all about

1. Avoid the following:

  •    Pasta, white or whole wheat, regular or organic
  •    Fruit
  •    Bread, white or whole wheat, regular or organic
  •    Pizza
  •    Sugar
  •    Milk (though small amounts of cream is ok for tea/coffee)
  •    Rice, white or whole wheat, regular or organic
  •    Potatoes
  •    Fried foods with breading

 2. Eat as much as possible from the following:


  • Beans
  • Lentils


  • Chicken (organic preferable)
  • Beef (organic preferable)
  • Pork
  • Egg whites
  • Fish


  • Mixed vegetables
  • Spinach
  • Mixed greens

3. Just rotate few meals over and over. It’s just easier to maintain like that.

4. Drink lots of water!

5. Within the first hour of waking up have at least 30g of protein.

6. At least 1 day a week take a day off. That means go nuts and eat as much junk as you can. Whatever you crave during the week, write it down and have it on your off day. Point is to spike up your calories on that day otherwise, body gets used to low calories and weight loss slow down or stops. This step is very important!

8. You should not feel a need for snacks in between meals. If you do it means you are not eating enough. If you must have a snack, then have a few carrot sticks, almonds, peanut butter (organic) or have another slow carb meal.

I’ll write some more about my meals in a later post but thought I’d quickly share this experience and experiment with everyone. Obviously it’ll be different for different people but my results were quite startling and it’s not quite as tough as low-carb diets!

Sleeping on the floor – update

July 26th, 2010 by Ricky

As you might remember from my previous post that I had started sleeping on the floor. I got tired of sleeping on the bed, with a nice and expensive mattress, and constantly waking up in pain with a pulled muscle or cramps in the neck or shoulder area.

So, I’ve been sleeping on the floor for at least a month now and I absolutely love it!

I have a duvet on the floor as it tends to get really cold during night time and a few blankets on top.

Benefits of sleeping on the floor that I’ve noticed:

  • I feel fresh the next morning and my back feels great as well. Ever since I started sleeping on the floor I have never had any back pain whatsoever.
  • I do not need air conditioning anymore. So, my hydro/electricity bill has gone down in such a hot summer where others’ bills are going up!
  • Even if there is a lot of noise outside, I can easily fall asleep. When I used to sleep on the bed, I constantly had a fan for white noise to block all the small noises around me. But right now the noise doesn’t bother me at all. I can’t understand this. As soon as I hit the floor, within a few minutes I fall asleep regardless of the noise.
  • It feels nice to know that all I really need is one small room to survive. It sort of puts everything else in perspective. We always feel like we need this, we need that but in reality we don’t need much. We may want this or that but not really absolutely need it!
  • Even if I’m visiting someone, I don’t really need much, I can easily sleep on their floor.
  • I don’t have to make up my bed anymore. Although, I still need to pick up my duvet and blankets from the floor. hmm…
  • One day I thought of sleeping on the bed just to see how I would feel now. I had been working out, riding my bike to work etc so I thought perhaps it wasn’t just sleeping on the floor. Perhaps my body was just stronger over all from exercising and that’s why I never had a sore back or any aches upon waking up.

    So, I slept on bed one night. Next morning my lower back was hurting and there was a cramp, severe pain, in my right shoulder blade!! It was just one night! That whole day I was in pain!

    So, next day I was back to sleeping on the floor and the pain went away. Needless to say, I’ll be continuing to sleep on the floor for now! :-)

    Vibram five fingers

    June 8th, 2010 by Ricky

    Vibram five fingers are great alternative to barefoot walking. They’ve been around for a while now but I was resisting the urge to buy them.

    A little background:

    I’ve been questioning every single thing in my life, that seems to be set as norm or a necessity, these days. I have constant back pain, low energy, knees in pain, and now breathing problems. So, it was time to look at my lifestyle.

    For example:

    • I had spent over  a $1,000 for a decent mattress but my back is still hurting and I always wake up with a cramp, and feeling tired. Meanwhile, when I was in India, getting only a few hours sleep, I was sleeping on those thin mattresses, maybe 1″-2″ thick and I never had any back ache. So, do we really need to sleep on these thick mattresses?
    • Hot showers! When I was a kid in India, I always bathed with cold water, even in winter. Winter there at that time was maybe 10-15 degrees celsius but still it was quite chilly. Here I can’t seem to take a shower unless the water is quite warm! Is it really beneficial and necessary for us to take hot showers?
    • I constantly have high heat turned on in the winter time and high air conditioning in summer. Even if the weather is nice, I still have air conditioning on in my car. Could that be a reason for my breathing problems?
    • Knees and lower back hurting all the time even though I have really nice and comfortable shoes! I do the research and I find the most comfortable shoes in my price range, with nice orthotics etc., still my knees and lower back are in constant pain. Do more expensive shoes really help? What if I just tried walking without shoes? Doesn’t hurt to try!

    So, that’s where my fascination with Vibram five fingers come in! :-)

    For a more thorough review about Vibram five fingers and their benefits, check out this post by Tim Ferriss.

    There are only a few stores here that sell them. I went to one of them, they said they had run out of stock and next stock was arriving next year!! Since, the company itself has a huge back log! Then I went to a different one and they had run out as well but apparently they were receiving some stock from a company that recently went bankrupt!

    Anyhow, I eventually found another store that carried my size and colour. So, I ended up getting Vibram FiveFingers KSO yesterday evening.

    I haven’t tried wearing them outside yet. Wearing black KSOs almost looks like I have gorilla feet! So, we’ll see… :-)

    Latest update on habits

    May 27th, 2010 by Ricky

    Over the past few months I’d been trying to create new habits using different methods. Just to see which method would work and which method was the easiest to implement and continue with.

    Write for my blog every single day

    I started writing using Google documents. Every single day I would write for about 5-10 minutes towards a certain topic. After a few days I would spend the same amount of time to review what I had written and then post it on the blog. I would do it just before going to bed. Thus, going to bed was my trigger.

    It worked beautifully until one day I decided to write on good and old paper instead of using my laptop, as my laptop was hooked to my television.

    It was fine that day and I continued it for the next few days but eventually it died down. And before I realized it, already more than week had gone by without me writing anything.

    Usually in the past I would have felt very bad that I couldn’t discipline myself and it would have kept reinforcing the belief that I was a failure.

    This time, however, it was different. There was no reinforcing of any negative belief. There was no negative belief in fact! I was easily able to step back and analyze why I was not able to create that particular habit.

    It came down to two things.

    1. Convenience – When I would write using Google documents, on my laptop, it was easy for me to just copy and paste onto my blog. Meanwhile, when I had started writing on a piece of paper, it became quite cumbersome, or felt like it, to have to copy it again onto the blog. Also, when I started writing on a piece of paper it was easy for me to let my focus wander, writing about one thing today and totally different the next day.
    2. Not having a strong enough reason for me to continue writing – I’ve found this to be quite a problem, as I mentioned previously. If I’m doing something for the sake of disciplining myself, it’s quite easy to fall out of it. On the other hand if there’s a strong enough reason for me to do something, I continue despite any obstacles.

    Has anyone else found a better way to create habits? What are your experiences?

    How to break a bad habit in 5 simple steps

    April 24th, 2010 by Ricky

    Just like trying to create a new habit, trying to break a bad habit can also be simplified into a few but very important steps. I’ve used these to break bad habits with great success as well.

    1. Pick a habit that you want to break. In the beginning pick a simple habit.

    2. Find out why you want to break that habit. Watch videos about the dangers of it, read blogs, talk to people who’ve broken that habit, and for extremely quick results, meet people who were hospitalized because of that habit, i.e. smoking.

    3. Find out your trigger that causes you to act on that habit. E.g. whenever you’re in the presence of people who’re smoking, you have an urge to smoke. So, the trigger would be you being around smokers. Whenever you feel sad you start to eat, so the trigger would be your getting sad. As soon as you sit on your couch, you turn the tv on, so the trigger would be you sitting on the couch.

    4. Keep your motivation up by exposing yourself to the dangers of this habit by either reading something, watching some videos, or hanging around people who are breaking the same habit or have already broken the same habit, every single day.

    5. Whenever you hit a trigger that normally causes you to act on the habit you’re trying to break, do something different right away before you can act out of habit. As soon as you sit on your couch, whip out a book and start reading it, or just stop hanging around smokers, or whenever you get sad, right away start writing in a journal.

    Trick is to have a strong enough reason to break that habit. Then monitoring your triggers. As soon as you hit your trigger and want to act on your old habit, immediately put a break there. Break that pattern! If you do that enough times, trigger will get weaker. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Don’t forget that by actually trying various ways you’ll learn much more than just reading about them. Just don’t give up!